Click on the Fat Chocobos and help Captain SNES.  I'll make a cooler logo soon, I promise.


My cousin Lyla's a lot of fun.  I'm procrastinating on a collaborative comic with her, and she sent me this nice little comic to encourage people to donate to me.  Not that I really like to press donations, because it does kinda feel like cheating.  "PAY ME TO DO SOMETHING I ENJOY!"  I mean it doesn't sound right.  Work's supposed to be painfully monotonous, or something.   Stupid puritan work ethic. 

So what do you get out of this?  Wallpaper?  A Captain SNES membership card?  John Ashcroft's home phone number, so you can prank call him up in the middle of the night and ask him if his refridgerator's running?  Actually that last one's pretty awesome.  But no, you get none of those things.

All I'm gonna give you is the satisfaction of knowing you helped me out.


I could do crazy gimmicks to get people to donate to me every month, but that would detract from the comic for me.  I'd either end up having to do fewer comics a week, or I'd be less motivated.  And to be quite honest, I'm not doing this comic because I want to be rich, or I want recognition, or anything like that.  I got a story to tell.  I'm pretty insane that way.  I think of it this way:  I spend a lot of time on my comic  I don't resent spending this time, and I'd spend my time making it if no one read it.  But I am doing something for you.  You get on average 14 comics a month, which is like half a comic book.  So if you set aside a dollar or two each month for me, and donate every three months or so (the more you donate at one time, the small percentage Paypal takes), then you do your part for Captain SNES.  I can use that money to buy a back up hard drive, to back up the comic, or a digital camera, so I can take some of the pictures I need for the comic, or a Playstation 2 so I can procrastinate on making com-  er, I mean do important research!  Yeah!  That's it! 

One final thing.  If you'd prefer to send money by Snail Mail, here's my address:

Jason Davis
605 Shady Ave
Endwell, NY 13760

And make checks payable to Jason Davis.  Thanks.