Here's where you can find spiffy fan art made by people who like my comic  If you see an error of some form or another, let me know.  I've been known to make mistakes.  And if there's something you'd like to have posted,  in your message, just let me know, and make sure you tell me which picture is yours.


Our second piece by Carmichael Micaalus, this one's Alex hanging out with one of his favorite Video Land hotties.  This must be a dream sequence....
A Captain SNES movie?  Well, probably not, but here's what a poster for a movie might look like.  The Pic's borrowed from Ronin S, and the poster itself is done up by Kyle Spectre.  Take some time to look at the credits.
This is a nice piece I got from a fan called Ronin S.  This is by far the most accurate reflection of the Captain's feelings as of late.  When you see this, you'll feel his pain.
Here's a new piece from Eric Hamilton over at Partygoers, a nice picture of someone we haven't seen around Captain SNES for a while.  Maybe that will change soon...
Our second piece by Kodeir, this one's an abject lesson in the corrupting influence of absolute power.  Let the wise be wary of the peril.
Our first piece by Kodeir, this little bad boy shows the setup of a scenario that I intend to do at some point, a showdown between Alex and Black Mage.  Nice.
Another pencil sketch done up by my cousin Lyla, and another one I've been sitting on for a couple of months now.  I think she's telling me Cap needs pants....
This is the second piece of fanart done by my cousin, Lyla.  I've been sitting on this one for two or three months now, constantly forgetting to put it up.  I'm an idiot, yo.    
A collage done by Xuncu, with the cap goin' ballistic on... well I don't know.  That's the problem of being on the receiving end of a 30 megawatt plasma blast.  We won't even be able to check the dental records.  Thanks Xuncu.
A nice shot of Palom freakin' out about his secret fear, done by James Adcox..  I don't know why he's complaining so much.  Looking like a girl is an excellent way to pick up lesbians.  And what 14 year old boy doesn't want that? 
A nice drawing of the Cap, done by James Adcox.  I really like this one for some reason, and I think it's a style well suited to the Captain.  Anyways, check this out, it's pretty awesome, yo.
A really nice full body shot of Alex, pondering the merits of a multi-pronged attack.  Worry not folks, he's wearing his pants.  This very nice picture was done up by Carmichael Micaalus.  Check it out, yo.
This one's a picture of Lucca, done by my cousin Lyla.  She started reading it a few days ago, and was impressed by my mature wit.  And by mature I mean all my masturbation jokes.  Ah well.  I'll put a link up to her art page when I can find it.
This picture's from my good friend Ken, who is one of the major driving forces behind the creation of this comic.  Thanks for all the help man!
A line sketch of Captain SNES in action, this one's by Skyrax.  Hope to see more from you, especially in full motion.  Take care man!
This one's a neat edit of a screen capture DDestind9!. Had this one for a while, but I've been procrastinating. Two years ago this used to be one of those shows I loved, but didn't care to admit.  And Davis is my favorite, cuz that's my last name, yo!
This one's by Joseph Tek Fox.  I laughed when I saw this one.  I really like Lucca.  You should check out Fox's home page here.  I'll update my link's page when I get back.
This one's by our friend Ian, who's been doing our Sunday specials on how to make a comics.  Props to him yo.  He's been a big help, and a regular contributer.
This one's by James Witt, a nice little one that he used hand sketched and MS Paint to make.  The style reminds me of something, but I can't remember what. I'm senile.
This one was done up by Brendan Jones, the guy who sent me the thumbnail for the first bit of fan art I made.  Apologies to both the artist and Brendan  Oh, and Brendan has a comic here.  Check it out, it's pretty cool

My friend Brett made this picture.  He yells at me because I forget to tell my friends about my comic, but I like him anyways because he has a lot of good views.  Sometime we have to finish that project of ours.... 

Wow!  A picture of the current party!  This one's by my friend Jared Streiger, who just recently started reading the comic, and made some fan art for me the next day.  That's because my comic kicks people in the ass, and brings them back for more. 

This one's by Stephen Arnquist.  He looks so happy flipping me off.  He has a comic here, so go check it out.

Woah!  The cap looks like a bad ass ninja in this one.  This one's made by Xuncu.  Thanks man, I appreciate it..

Well I made a mistake with this one.  Mashi-Maro is the artist for this one.