Q:  What the hell does the title of the comic mean?

A:  Long ago in the dark ages of mankind (circa 1989), a show called Captain N: The Game Master blessed the NBC cartoon lineup.  It was the story of boy who got sucked into Videoland via the "Ultimate Warp Zone," and became the champion of Videoland, Captain N: The Game Master.  N of course stood for Nintendo.  Alex, the main character of my series, is the champion of the Super Nintendo, hence the name Captain SNES.  Clever, ne?

Q:  Who were the heroes of this show?

A:  This particularly charming cartoon (I use these terms loosely) follows the exploits of one Kevin Keene, and ordinary Nintendo loving Californian Valley kid who got sucked into the world of Videoland by the power of the "Ultimate Warp Zone."  There he joined the "Mega tough" Megaman, Kid Icarus from the game Kid Icarus (yes I know his name Pit, but the guys who wrote the show didn't, so bugger off) who thought he was Greek cus he called Kevin "Kevinicus", the extremely narcissistic Simon Belmont of Castlevania fame who greatest fear was losing his looks, and Princess Lana, the prerequisite T&A for an 80's cartoon,  whose main purpose was to like Kevin and make the kids watching wish they were cool enough to have a girlfriend who dressed like that. 

Q:  Who were the villains?

Well, first off, we have Mother Brain, the soul speaking, giggling narcissistic brain in a jar who apparently thought she was a soul man, judging by the way she laughed.  Next up we had the poster boy for overweight boxers everywhere, the very big, very dumb King Hippo.  Then of course we had the punning vegan's nightmare, Eggplant Wizard.  God, I so hope he dies.  Dr. Wily rounded out the crew by being the only one of the group who actually did something useful, inventing things ranging from Earthquake machines to an exact, fully functional duplicate of Captain N's light zapper and control pad.  What the hell he was doing with those other losers is beyond me.

Q:  Where can I learn more about this?

A:  Check out the Captain N Network.  It's a pretty cool place.  Aside from the sponsored webcomics, they also have a plethora of information on the original show.  It's complete enough that any attempt of my own to supply such information would be both redundant and somewhat useless.

Q:  So how does the show fit into your comic?

A:  Consider it all canonical.

Q:  Have you been taking from Mario's stash again?

A:  Trust me, it'll all make sense... eventually. 

Q:  Sweet Christmas, it's stupid fresh?  What are you, Luke Cage on acid?

A:  What can I say?  I'm hip with modern jive, turkey.

Q:  I don't get one of your jokes.  Why is that?

A:  Well, I could be making an allusion to some aspect of our vast culture that you don't understand.  Or I could have been uninspired, and made a crappy comic that day.  Or you could just be dumb.  My money's on the third.

Q:  How did you come up with the idea for Captain SNES?

A:  The original concept for Captain SNES was the result of a brainstorm between myself and one of my co-workers, Ken Maney.  Ken is not only one of the coolest people I have ever had the pleasure of working with, but is also a veritable fountain of '80's cartoon knowledge (much like myself), and the man I ask when I want to have comic books explained to me.

Q:  Can I do a guest comic?

A:  Sure.  I'll post comics I recieve on the main page.  After that, it'll be put into the Fanstuff page, as soon as I get around to organizing it.

Q:  Can I do a crossover?

A:  No.  I don't do crossovers.  Under any circumstances.  Not even to save the world.  I have a definite direction I'm taking the story, and have almost all the major story arcs worked out for the full run of this comic.  So I have no place to really throw someone else's comic in.   Now a cameo or walk on I can fit in no problem.  And I can do guest strips for other people's comics too... sometimes.  I tend to procrastinate on those.  I don't know why.

Q:  Fight it out?

A:  Yeah.  Got that from the old Ogre Battles game.


A:  Characterization.  Some people have potty mouths.  Alex is one of them.

Q:  What the hell is up with the first comic?

A:  The first comic is a glimpse into a future uncertain, where a well established Captain SNES is looking back on the events that made him the man that he is, and how he ended up in the predicament he finds himself in.

Q:  Why does he hate that cat?

A:  Not a cat person I guess.

Q:  Why doesn't he eat the cat?

A:  Do you have any idea how hard that cat is to catch?

Q:  What exactly is that Plasma Cannon?

A:  The design is based off the SNES counterpart to the Light Zapper, which was the Super Scope, basically a shoulder mounted bazooka.

Q:  Why did it run out of power?

A:  The Super Scope didn't draw its power from the Console, like the Light Zapper did.  Instead it used 4 D batteries, which get used up faster than a 'ho's crack supply.  Plus if you've watched the Captain N, you'd see that good old Kevin has the same problem.  Only his devices run out of power any time the writers wanted it to. 

Q:  Where do you get your ideas for the comic from?

A:  Generally I steal them from people who are funny, copyright them, then sue the original creators for plagiarism.  

Q:  How do you make the comics?

A:  Actually I don't make them.  I have them made by poor natives of third world countries who work in sweatshops in front of crappy Pentium 90's, earning 5 cents an hour.  I figure if it's good enough for Michael Jordan, it's good enough for me.

Q:  Why was there a two month unannounced hiatus in your comic?

A:  Aforementioned sweatshop workers went on strike, daring to ask for 8 cents an hour.  After crushing them in a needlessly bloody military action, it took some time rebuilding the facilities and getting the stains out of the concrete floor.  I told them we should have left it as a dirt floor, but noooooooo......

Q:  Did you know you misspelled something in one of your comics?


Q:  Is Gato really insane?

A:  Nah.  Gato is just unhampered by the considerations that you and I consider ethics.  Well, that you consider ethics.

Q:  Who would Captain SNES rather have sex with, Lucca, or Yang's Wife?

A:  While Yang's wife defines hottie bootalati, she also comes attached to an exceptional skilled martial artists who has an army of other martial artists at his beck and call, and I get the feeling he's possessive, since her entire name is based on his.  So my money's on Lucca.