Truth is upon us my friends and it is beyond mortal comprehension!  None can know the place that is Video Land without knowing first madness, madness unknown to men who walk in the light, foolishly believing that the world they know is the only world that is.  They know not the subtle tones of darkness and insanity that taint the connection between our world and the world of Video Land, and how what once seemed true can prove false!

Or to put it in plain english. I'm going back through and editing some of the old comics that I made, for legibility, style, and some plot content.  I started this comic a year and a half ago, and I've learned a great deal about how to make a comic since then.  And since I want to make the story as well knit and coherent as possible, I'm going back through and redoing a lot of the old episodes.  For now, I'll have a link to the old episodes on this page as well, so you'll be able to examine the old and the new comics.  



Title-  The Author has changed the title of the comic.

Text-  This indicates that the author has made incidental changes to either the Dialogue or the Narrative.  These changes are more stylistic than substantial, and do not in themselves indicate a change in the continuity.

Graphics-  The Author has used graphics and graphical techniques that weren't present in the original version of the comic.  Most re-mastered comics will have this.

Pacing-  The Author has changed the pacing of the comic which in some way alters the way that the comic flows.  These changes do not necessarily denote a substantial change in plot

Plot-  The Author has altered the plot in some substantial manner.  He has either insulted events or subtexts into the comic that weren't there before, removed old events, or in some way changed the continuity of the comic in some substantial manner.  The new version of the comic should be considered canonical.


Episode Number


 #01-  The Mistake

Old Episode

Title, Text, Graphics

 #02-  I Bet She's not Union Certified

Old Episode

Title, Text, Graphics, Pacing


Old Episode

Title, Text, Graphics, Pacing, Plot

 #15-  Porom's Discovery

Old Episode

Text, Graphics

 #37-  For the Record, that's 10959 times

Old Episode

Text, Graphics

 #38-  Friends don't let Friends Drink Pabst

Old Episode

Text, Graphics, Pacing

 #39-  Curse that 16 Bit Resolution.

Old Episode

Text, Graphics, Pacing, Plot