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My Peeps

He's the first guy to link to my comic.   He's at a new site called Gopus.

What's a Gopus? Um..... HEY LOOK OVER THERE!

My friend April's anime music video page.  I made the banner myself,

which is why it kicks so much ass.



Captain's Picks

Kid Radd follows the awesome adventures of the second coolest protagonist in a sprite comic, behind me of course.  And of course there's also the super hot Sheena.  You gotta play the dress up Sheena Minigame!  And oh yeah, it's got a good story.  Or something.  DRESS UP SHEENA!  WHOOOT!

Originally a cut and paste comic, the artist has since wussed out and learned to draw his own comics.  Aside from a few cheep shots at sprite comics (which are sadly true), this is a pretty solid comic.

You know, not a lot of people know this, but Zelda wants me so bad.  I don't know why she sticks with that Link guy.  This is the guy who did up the Captain N 8-bit sprites for us.  Thanks man.

A story about a guy stuck in a town with lots of hot chicks.  And a chick named Melon.  With Melons.  I wonder if I could get her to come over here.  She's totally hot, yo.

One of the second generation sprite comics which came into being around the same time as Captain SNES.  Not too bad.  Maybe someday it'll be as popular as my comic, yo. 

Wanna know about the original Captain N?  This is the place to go.

This should really be called "Strong Bad is the most awesome guy in the universe."  Not many people know this, but Strong Bad learned everything he knows about being awesome from me.  Go check out my gifted Padawan.  He's almost as cool as me.

Gato's Gallery

Gato approves of any comics whose stories focus on the adventures of Robots

Humans senselessly pummelling each other unconscious. How could Gato NOT approve?

If more humans wrote comics like this, Gato wouldn't have to exterminate your species.

One of the most pointlessly violent sprite comics out there.  Gato approves.

Knights of the Old Code

When we robots take over, C.G. will be first against the wall.

An old favorite of Gato's.  If Robo would rip people's arms off, it'd be much better though.


Marle's Favorites

I used to follow this comic a lot, but it went inactive for a while, so I stopped following it for a while.  But it's back now.  Check it out yo.

A funny and touching story following the adventures of a bunch of adventurers.  It has fighting and romance and grand adventures.  Now it only it had a princess...

Somebody told me this was a comic, but I'm pretty sure this is a documentary following the daily life of an RPG sprite.  I've read it for a long time.

A very nice story.  The author's a nice man who posted one of our fan comics up a long time ago.

I've been puttering around with RPG makers ever since I found a hacked version of RPG MAKER '95 on the web, and have 3 or 4 RPG Maker projects that I never completed.  If I did complete one, then this is the place where I'd submit it to.  It's awesome. Check it out.

Once again, reinforcing the well known truth that girls are smarter and better than boys.

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